Friday 11 March 2011

final look... enjoy.....

...and here we are, after 5 months of hard work we made it and the renovation came to an end... we are so happy and so excited from the result and as you can see the Hotel has a new style and looks very fresh... This is what we were looking for and the photos here under can prove it... These are some of around 15 photos our photographer took yesterday and in a few days we will post some more...

I would like to thank you all for spending your time to read this blog 4+ months now and also our followers and its comments... We look forward to welcome you this summer and we promise that we will offer you a pleasant and luxurious stay in affordable rates...
The Acqua Vatos Team


  1. love love love it, well done everyone xx

  2. Congratulations! We absolutely love it too and cannot wait to see all of you and the fabulous new AV in July. Love Robbie and Ali x